There is nothing that can compete with the cool breeze that you experience even air conditioners fail against natural cool air. Think about enjoying your favourite drink outside with a beautiful view and feeling of cool breeze. People install shade sails to experience the cool breeze. Shade sails not only provide you natural air flow but s also saves you from heat and harmful UV rays of sun. Shade sails also enhance the visuals of your outdoors as they are available in various modern style and colors.

Triangle (Black)

Triangle (Black)

In recent years, popularity of shade sails has increased at an unexpected rate. More and more homeowners are installing shade sails in their backyard and patio as they have many benefits and last for a very long time. But in the process of installing a shade sail, homeowners commit various mistakes that can spoil this wonderful experience. To enjoy the benefits of shade sails it is important to install it correctly. Here are some shade sail installation mistakes that you can avoid to enjoy the benefits of installing a shade sails –

  • Buying a cheap shade sail

    is a mistake many people make. If you want to enjoy your shade sail again and again it is important to avoid buying cheap shade sails from a local store for your patio and backyard. Cheap shade sail will easily fail quickly, fade  and won’t be able to provide perfect protection for harmful UV rays. Cheap shade sails are of low quality and will definitely cause more problems than providing benefits.

  • Using weak fixing points –

    The most common mistake that homeowners commit while installing shade sail is using weak fixing points. Using poorly located mount points will lead to sagging of the shade sail and it may also result in the failing of the attachment points. So make sure that corner posts you use are strong and perfectly  located correctly to avoid possible damage against heavy rain and wind.

  • Attachment accessories –

    Installation of shade sails requires the use of different accessories like anchors, tensioning devices and joiners. Buying cheap attachment accessories will cause  installation issues and your shade sail will be at risk of collapsing  during wind and rain conditions
  • Installing on your own –

    Many homeowners think of installing their shade sails on their own as it looks like a simple process but it’s not what it looks like. Installation of shade sails requires  focus on small details.  Homeowners might not be aware about some shade sail installation techniques or are not equipped with the necessary equipment to install so they might make mistakes in installing it properly. A small mistake in installation cam result in collapsing of shade sail. So, it is better to hire a professional for installation of shade sail.

6-8 mm marine grade stainless steel sail mounting kit

6-8 mm marine grade stainless steel sail mounting kit

There are many other mistakes like over tensioning of shade sail, wrong position of shade sail mounting points and insufficient fall. To avoid these mistakes it is important to hire professionals for installation. As buying quality shade sails is important you can find quality shade sails at shade matters. They provide quality shades sails at affordable prices online in Australia. Visit their website at