Shade Matters: Standing Out from the Crowd

Shade Matters: Standing Out from the Crowd

In the scorching Aussie summer heat or amidst the unpredictable weather shifts, finding the perfect balance between enjoying the great outdoors and staying comfortable becomes a top priority. That's where Shade Matters, a leading shade sail company, steps in. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, backed by solid evidence from their impressive Heavy Duty Test Results, Shade Matters stands tall, showcasing the importance of choosing the right shade solutions.

When it comes to shade solutions, Shade Matters isn't just another name in the game; it's a promise of quality. They've got you covered – literally – with shade sails that are not only tough but also stylish. Whether you're looking to keep your patio, deck, or pool area cool, Shade Matters has put in the hard yards to create shade sails that look great and do the job right.

Heavy Duty Test Results: Down to the thread

In a world flooded with choices, making the right call for your shade needs can be a bit of a head-scratcher. But that's where Shade Matters stands out – we're all about being upfront and letting their shade sails do the talking. Our recent Heavy Duty Test Results break down exactly what their shade sails are made of. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the key findings:

ARPANSA Reference Sample Description Cover Factor Shade Factor UV-Vis Trans % UVR Trans % UVR Block % PAR Trans % Designation Colour Code UVE % Protection Category
UVR_23-0054-1  Sand Knitted Shade Fabric 89.0 76.8 23.2 10.8 89.2 24.9 Extra-heavy Cover Lime Green 88.0 Effective
UVR_23-0054-2  Grey Knitted Shade Fabric 88.0 80.5 19.5 11.9 88.1 20.5 Extra-heavy Cover Lime Green 87.0 Effective
UVR_23-0054-3  Black Knitted Shade Fabric 92.0 92.0 8.0 7.9 92.1 7.9 Extra-heavy Cover Lime Green 90.0 Effective

Download the full test results here.

1. Keeping You Covered and Shaded: Shade Matters' shade sails nail the cover factor and shade factor game. With numbers like 89.0 and 92.0, these shade sails have got you sorted with nice cool shade against that blazing Aussie sun, Shade Matters' shade sails find that sweet spot where you get enough shade without sacrificing the sunny vibes.

2. Sun Safety in Style: Those Heavy Duty Test Results spill the beans on the impressive UV-Vis transmittance and UVR block percentages. Basically, these shade sails let in the good light while keeping the bad stuff – like harmful UV rays – out.

Ultimate Protection: Effective and More

The Heavy Duty test results make it crystal clear that Shade Matters' shade sails are the real deal – they're officially marked as 'Effective' when it comes to keeping you protected. This shows that Shade Matters is all about giving you peace of mind while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Beyond Function: Adding a Dash of Style

Shade Matters' shade sails aren't just about doing the job; they're about making your outdoor space look top-notch. With a range of colours and designs, like the stunning Lime Green shade, these shade sails bring together practicality and style, turning any area into a stunning oasis.

Conclusion: Bringing a Breath of Fresh Air

In the world of shade solutions, Shade Matters shines as a top contender, driven by their dedication to quality, performance, and clever ideas. The 'Heavy Duty Test Results' reveal just how amazing their shade sails are, proving that when it comes to outdoor comfort, there's no need to second-guess.

So, next time you're after shade that's as cool as it looks, remember that 'Shade Matters' is here to make your outdoor moments truly matter.

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